Get Glowing Skin

We are going to make a massaging cream for the whole body. With very easy ingredients,


we can make this. If we continuously apply this, we will get very good result. The ingredient we need for this is, papaya. Then take orange of 3 to 4 pieces, and grate half of the carrot. Now add these ingredients to the blender, and blend it in to fine paste without lumps. When we massage, we need the cream to be very smooth. With lumps, the massage won’t be smooth. We can take the measurement as per our requirement that how much we need the cream. We can store this blended mix in the fridge for 5 days. Along with the leftover, we can add wheat flour, rice flour, multani mitti or gram flour and apply in our face as a face pack. Now add Aloe Vera gel of 2 spoons to the blended mix. We can add Aloe Vera gel as much as we want. Next, add vitamin E capsule. We can use vitamin E oil instead of vitamin E capsule. Some people gets pimples because of vitamin E, so for such people, we can use almond oil or badam oil instead. Now add small spoon of honey to the mix. Now, mix all very well. Once its mixed well, we can apply in our face. This will help us remove tan, and gives bright and glowing skin.


Both papaya and orange will give us good colour for the skin. We can store this in an air tight container.

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