My Healthy Diet Plan Rimitomy

Rimi Tomy is keralites favourite singer. She is also seen in mini screens and stage shows.


Rimi Tomy is an Indian playback singer, television host, and occasional actress. She started her career by anchoring music programs in television and sang her first song “Chingamasam Vannu Chernnal” in the film Meesa Madhavan. Not just with song, the way she talk and smiles takes the audience hearts away. From 68 to 52 kg, rimi gained it from her hard work in exercise. Rimi shared her weight loss journey. The singer was able to lose 13kg through proper workout and diet plan. Rimi has talked about her weight loss journey in the youtube. She loved wearing saree, but wearing saree didn’t make comfortable is the reason why she started to lose weight. Food control, diet and exercise is the secret of this beautiful 52 kg girl. She completely avoided breakfast and takes a glass of milk. Not just milk, it is a nutritional shake. Sometimes she takes, idli or dosa. For lunch, she takes rice less. She said she like to take traditional food items. She avoid dinner and eat chicken or fish along with salad. She also drinks so much water. She drinks daily 3.5 litre of water. Before lunch, she will drink half litre water to reduce hunger is also a secret. Oil fried.


snacks and sugar are out of the diet. She takes black tea, black coffee and green tea.

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