Most of the people are finding a way to lose weight. First thing we have to know is,


according to our height, we should need weight. We can say many methods in the Youtube videos like drinking lemon juice in empty stomach. Just by drinking this, there won’t be a change. It can change a little because we are not taking food. We sometimes keep aside rice and eat other curries more. Curry we think as it’s just vegetables, but there is one ingredient we have not checked. It is the coconut. The coconut will make us fat. So proper diet is when a healthy individual need 2000 calories, we have to take at least 1500 calories and then exercise to reduce the other calories. This is how we can reduce the weight. It looks complicated when we say. Rhythmic motion is good for weight lose. We can simply dance by shaking our arms and body. Walking too is good exercise. There are people whose BMI is more than thirty, these people will have to do some operation. Such fat will not lose just because of diet and exercise. To be healthy, we should drink water well. We should be hard working and determines to lose weight. We should not just take the diet for few days and then eat a lot more the next day.


We should be determined to reduce weight within 6 months. Watch the video for full information.

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