Weight Gain Easy Tips

For losing weight, there are a lot of people who goes to gym and diet. On the other side,


a lot of people are trying to gain weight. They take different types of medicines, they go gym and they try different food. There are both girls and boys, but this is a main problem among boys. For gaining weight, there are certain foods that we should include in our diet. First is to increase muscle strength is by taking protein. Like that means, we should increase protein contented foods. For morning, urad dal is a protein food, so having Idli, and dosa is good for healthy. More of urad dal, black gram, Bengal gram, egg white, and banana having every day is very good. If we have pure cow ghee, light dry banana in that ghee is very good. Doesn’t mean we will get fat fast, we gain the weight gradually. Eating jackfruit, mango and tapioca is too good for health. Rare elements in these will help us make our body better. Eating rice for thin people too will get cholesterol without exercise. Without exercise we should not eat rice. We should drink a lot of water. We should drink as much as water as we can. Up to 2 to 2.5 litre of water we much drink a day. That will help our digestion process. Eating fish and mutton regularly, we can surely be better. All these we have to do for long term,


only then we will get the change. Simple if we do for 2 to 3 days, there won’t be changes

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