Weight Loss Tips – Life Experience

In this century where, people are exercising too much and taking diets to lose weight. Anu from perumbavur,


Kerala is such a motivation for such people. She lose her weight from 106 kg to 58 kg. When problems became more of weight, Anu decided to lose weight. Let us know what all Anu did for losing her weight. This lady is just 24 years old, and now after weight loss, she doesn’t look like a mother of a child. Anu first decided to go gym but that lasted for 2 days only. She then decided to control her diet. From tips and suggestions from others, avoiding rice and eating chappathi, anu lose up to 7 kilos without anyone’s help. She gained more confident from this. We need confidence for this, only then we can lose weight. Then she consulted a nutritionist. She made a correct diet plan. If it is diet plan, those who can correctly follow the plan should only take this. First step of that is to avoid rice completely. Avoid tea and coffee completely. Avoid fruits and vegetables that grow underground. Morning at 8, fat removed milk or soya milk should be taken. Take egg white alternatively. Those who doesn’t like to take that can eat 2 robust bananas. Time is very precious in the diet. After having all these, 5 hours later only we should think about lunch. 3 chapathi,


some vegetables boiled, some fish curry should be the diet for lunch. Watch video for more

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